Thursday, August 9, 2012

Transitioning My Hair...

I sort of fell into going natural.  How did I do that you ask?! Well I was trying to re-train my hair from going to having perms/relaxers every 2 months to only having perms/relaxers twice a year.  Going natural isn't easy and I'm trying to resist the creamy crack. Right now I'm 8 months in the natural game.  I have had kinky twist and sengalese twist this year...this is to keep my hands out of my head before I try to put the creamy crack back in my hair.

I  know the big thing about going natural is the grade of hair you have...what natural people call that type of grade of hair beautiful, society might call it nappy or a good grade.  I fell into the good grade of hair or even that "Louisiana" hair...whatever that means?! lol I guess since I'm starting up my blogging again...I will track my journey of going NATURAL!

For me, before this journey I tried to learn the tricks of having health hair.  I really stop using heat in my hair...barely blow dried my hair but let it air dry...only used the curling iron or flat iron when it was necessary and I wrapped my hair.  If I wanted curls I either used rod set rollers or curled it...depending on where and how long I had to get ready.  I recommend anyone that is looking for a good shampoo and conditioner even if they aren't going natural is Garnier Fructis...this is the shampoo and conditioner that was NOT harsh on my hair.  I could tell the difference if I used another brand versus Garnier.

Anywho, the last time I had a perm/relaxer was December 20, 2011...I've tried to come up with different styles to wear to work, going out and just plain hanging out with my son.  In between having kinky twist and sengalese twist, I have tried bantu knots and rod curlers.  Once I take out my sengalese twist, I'm going to try the flat twist and the flex rod curlers...just to see which one I liked the best.  I will definitely keep everyone posted on my transitioning from relaxed to natural hair.

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